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MLM Leads: How to Get More Leads Offline

I'm Struggling To Get Leads, What Should I Do?

So you have made the right decision in starting your own Network Marketing business. Then you have jotted down 100 names of friends and family that you will prey on to either become business partners, or even customers. Through that process so gave you the time of day to listen, 1 or 2 maybe signed up as partners, and if lucky you gained a few customers. Great! now that is over, what do you do now?

This is the biggest challenge for Network Marketers is keeping fresh leads to call upon to boost your business. Unfortunately, once you have been through that process your upline in most cases is struggling with the same process. So what you will generally get is the "canned" advice of talking to any and everyone that you can (3-Foot Rule).

What Do You Recommend?

Luckily you are reading this blog and I have some tools that you may find silly, but trust me do it because it works. When I say that it works, it is a way for your to reach a large volume of people that works better than walking on foot talking to any and everyone.

Posted Notes

The first recommendation that I have is using posted notes to get leads and post them all over town (approximately 100). You can take about 100 yellow posted notes, then get some mailing stickers personalized with a pitch message on it. The mailing sticker could read, "Superstars Only - Willing to make $30-500K, producers ONLY and can prove it. Contact me at 555-555-5555 or" Take those stickers and put them on each posted note, then post them in high traffic areas in town. Not saying that you will get 80 calls back but at least 20-30. My advice would be to utilize a Google voice account or some other voicemail service for those leads to leave messages.

Contest Box

This is another high traffic area tool that can be utilized to create a win/win situation for you and your potential lead. You can create a box to collect business cards for a drawing of gift card, gift certificate, or a sample of one of your products for your business. If you go into any restaurant or gym you will see these set up all over town. This is another tool that works, and gives you many leads that you can call upon. The good thing about this is that you know that you are getting mostly professionals because of the aspect of getting a business card. These are people that you generally want in your business because they are go-getters.

Real Estate Signs

You have probably been driving all over town and have passed by hundreds of real estate agent signs. Unless you are personally in the market for a home you probably will not even notice it. Well after you have finished reading this you should make a point to look for them. Real Estate Agents understand the commissions and making sales. If you call them to discuss residual income they will definitely have an interest. During your pitch one of the key things that you have in your back pocket is the crash of the real estate marketing in 2008. Many of those agents lost homes, worked part-time jobs outside the industry, and had the worst years of the careers. Those that are smart will take a serious look at Network Marketing because they are front line with customers and can really be successful. Put this to practice by being away of those sings on the side of the road. Jot down the agents name and phone number then call.

I hope that these tips has served of some value for you and you can put these into practice. We did not go into closing once you have the lead on the phone, stay tuned for that blog coming up tomorrow.

To your success,

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

MLM Video Marketing - Create Awesome Videos Add That Adds Value

How MLM Video Marketing Is Done The RIGHT Way...
YouTube contributes to over 4 billion views per day, which gives me great confidence in saying that video marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic and generate leads for an MLM Business. Of course that's easy to say, but you have to know the appropriate steps to tap into this arena for your benefit. It all starts with grabbing your viewers attention and influence them to take the action you desire to develop a now captive audience.
What Are The Appropriate Steps
There are three critical steps at a high-level to ensure that you have the template for an attention grabbing marketing video. The three steps are:
  1. Solid introduction
  2. Value-added content
It is vital that in your introduction that you provide your audience with a clear understanding of why they should listen to you right off the bat. As I mentioned there are billions of videos on YouTube and other areas, and you have to be clear as to why they should spend their time with you.
Next, your content should provide value that someone has no choice but to see the video through until the end. Many Network Marketers no matter if they are new or experienced really are not getting the support that they need. Around 95-97% of Network Marketers are not turning a profit. So naturally they are looking for help and this is why you need to provide value as they are turning to your as the authoritative figure.
Call to Action
Lastly, you need to have a firm call to action as to what they need to do next. This could be putting in their name and email address to get more training. This could also be how they can connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, or some other Social Media outlet. Make yourself available to connect with your audience so that you can build a deeper relationship with them to understand how you can help them.
Video Marketing is a valuable tool and is highly sought after to get leads online. To get some FREE training around how to get leads online via Video Marketing enter your information below:
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Overcome Network Marketing Frustation

Are You Frustrated In Your Network Marketing Business

If this is you, then you have a couple of of critical decisions to make. One is you can buckle up your chin strap, and keep in mind that you have a family to help live out their dreams. Or you can make the choice that most make is to give up on your dreams and turn your back on your family.

I have personally been there before being in Network Marketing for numerous amounts of years. But if you stick it out, find the right resources to get your back on track you will make it. It's not about giving up on yourself, it's that fact that you giving up impacts others as well.

You MUST see this. See how this guy physically Fires His Boss In this video. For millions of people across the globe, this is just a dream. It doesn't have to be a dream anymore ;)

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